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Measuring Your Slide 


                         Length (up to 2 3/4")

Easily put on or take off your own slide

For slides up to 2 3/4" long

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Guitar Slide Holder

Easy to order:

Measure your slide and select a SlideFly

* SF1000 (small) = fits 7/8" diameter slides

* SF1100 (medium) = fits 1" diameter slides

* SF1200 (large) = fits 1 1/8" diameter slides

* SF1300 (extra large) = fits 1 1/4" diameter slides

For a limited time - We can make a custom SlideFly for you in Black, Polywood, or Polychrome

Each SlideFly is hand crafted and

made in the USA.


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All Clear SlideFlys are in stock

Other SlideFlys will be shipped in December 

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